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Horse back riding in Ireland

My #1 service is to inspire you to add unique life-enriching experiences to your personal Bucket List.

You can take the general travel itineraries I create and use them as is to plan a trip.

If you prefer, you can have me customize your itinerary for a fee of $500 to plan up to 2 weeks of travel to your dream destinations. The fee is payable up front and is non-refundable.

If you would like me to make your travel arrangements for you, I can do that also. The following fees will be added to the cost of your travel arrangements:

$50 per person for airline tickets
$20 per person for rail tickets or passes
$20 per night for lodging reservations
$10 per person per cruise day for cruise reservations (cost applied to final cost of cruise)
$10 per person per tour day for tour reservations (cost applied to final cost of tour)
$20 per person per vacation day for vacation package reservations (cost applied to final cost of vacation package)

Hot air balloon over the Nile River near Luxor, Egypt

I can also help you obtain travel insurance policies to protect your travel investments. (Only available to US residents.)

I make recommendations to help preparing for your travels more enjoyable and more personally enriching. For example, you will find links to guide books, novels set in the most popular bucket list destinations, history books and music of destinations. There are also tips on travel gear which you can purchase online through this website.

honeymoon couple walking on a beach in the South Pacific

Whatever your Bucket List Dream, I can help you make it come true, even if it’s sightseeing by horseback in Ireland or having a destination wedding or honeymoon in a tropical paradise or hot air ballooning over the Nile and the ancient Egyptian ruins at Luxor…

Services available from The Bucket List Creator.

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